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Grow your business. We'll take care of your website.

Complete Web Hosting Plan

All our plans include web hosting, domain registration, professional email, WordPress installation, and a range of other powerful website tools.

Expert Maintenance

Our most experienced DevOps configure and manage your website to keep it secure, blazing fast and always online.

24/7 Support

Always humans, never bots. Our support team is trained to troubleshoot, explain, and fix the hardest cases at first contact.

Your own tech team working quietly in the background

Updates on-demand

Need to edit your text or upload an image? Want to integrate a form or newsletter? Big or small tasks, we’ll get them done.

We speak your language

Never struggle with tech jargon again. Talk to us in a way that feels comfortable to you. Feel free to use paper and pen.

Choose a plan for the level of support your business needs

Pay by month or the year, and cancel at any time.


For small and medium-sized businesses



Save 10% by paying yearly

  • Web hosting
  • Updates on-demand (add-on)
  • 5 GB SSD storage
  • 1,500 visits per month
  • 1 professional email
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Full site and database backup
  • Traffic reports
  • Broken links audit
  • Crawl errors audit


For growing companies



Save 10% by paying yearly

  • Web hosting
  • 3 hours of monthly updates
  • 15 GB SSD storage
  • 10,000 visits per month
  • 10 professional emails
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • Full site and database backup
  • Traffic reports
  • Broken links audit
  • Crawl errors audit

Need more room for growth? Ask for a custom quote

What's included in the Standard plan

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Add, edit or remove

Text and media files

Add, edit or remove

Posts and pages


Navigation and UX/UI

Create and integrate

Forms and subscriptions

Our servers are secure — and so is your data and your customers’

Our clients’ websites are housed in data centers in Iowa, Eemshaven, London and Singapore. Each facility has top-of-the-line hardware and extensively tested configuration.

Cloudflare CDN

Our Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) makes your website load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers. When people from different countries visit your website, our CDN delivers the content much faster from the data center closest to them.

SSD disks

We host your website on SSD disks. SSD (solid-state drive) is a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk. It retrieves data 300% faster, improves the loading speed of your website, and can handle heavier traffic.

An email address that matches your domain name shows that you’re serious about your business. Have a large team? Get additional email addresses at ₱50 per email per month.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure. SSL uses encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit, making sure that any data transferred between users and sites, remain impossible to read — preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred.


HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) appears in the URL when a website is secured by an SSL certificate. The details of the certificate, including the issuing authority and the corporate name of the website owner, can be viewed by clicking on the lock symbol on the browser bar.

We backup your website every day

We do incremental, 24-hour backups. This means we know if even one single file has changed, and we will be able to restore it to its previous version.

For dev geeks: We also do off-site backups. Your backup data is stored off the main location of your host server to ensure that there is a copy of pertinent data that isn’t stored on-site, in case of an emergency with your host server.

We use Google Analytics to to track your website traffic

Whatever your industry, Google Analytics helps you get a deeper understanding of how your website users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not. We’ll show you how your users are moving through your website and the role that different channels play by sending you detailed monthly reports.

Let's get started.

I don't have a website

We’ll get it up and running in 14 working days

I have a website

We can improve it, or host and manage it for you